Welcome to City Of Birmingham Striders (COBS)
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We are a UKA affiliated running club, emerging from Yoga Haven run club which was established in 2012. 

COBS is a club that encourages participation in running at all levels.

For more information Contact Us

To join a sessions sign up at

https://groups.runtogether.co.uk/COBS for more info Contact Us

Session Information

We have three weekly sessions:

  • Tuesdays meeting at Aston University Woodcock Street Sports Centre, 6.30pm is a focused coaching session 
  • Wednesdays meeting at Birmingham Cathedral, Colmore Row, 7.30am, 5K run 
  • Thursdays meeting at St. Paul's Square, 6.30pm is a 3-5 mile run
  • Sundays meeting at Brindley Place, 10am, Long Run 8 miles

Any level of runner can join us.  There is no cost per session

Our run sessions are open to any age from 12 years old upwards. 12 - 16 year olds must have written approval from an adult who is responsible for their care.

Run group leaders for 2024 are Nav, Lisa, Balal, Rich, Liam, Kev, Danny, Iestyn, Claudia and Kasia.

Run group leaders are supported by session support leaders. Session support leaders lead some sessions and some groups from time to time.

For more info including start time, paces, distance covered and location Contact Us


Standard membership costs £45 and covers any part of the April to April year. The sooner you take up membership the more time you get as a member. However membership can be started at any time from April in one year to March in the next.

Register & Sign-Up for Membership on ConnectMyClub App (App Store, Google Play) or Web Portal.  Club code: 5ff348a6

For more information, see our membership FAQs 

There are local, county, and regional level races that we promote within the club and support within our training programme. To represent the club in races, and to enter relays and cross country you need to be a member and wear the club vest. 

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